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Crooked teeth can make you feel self-conscious and can increase your risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems.

At Hulme Orthodontics, we recommend braces for patients with moderate to severe misalignment as a proven method of straightening teeth.

Why do so many families in San Antonio, TX, choose our practice for braces?

The Benefits of Braces

You will discover that orthodontic work can improve your life (or your child's life) in several ways. Patients who choose braces at our practice in San Antonio, TX, will:

Increase Self-Confidence

Crooked teeth can make you feel embarrassed when you smile or talk to others. Braces can give you a straighter smile and boost your confidence in social situations and professional settings.

Create a Better, Stronger Bite

Left untreated, misalignment can lead to jaw pain, excessive wear on your teeth, and other issues. By undergoing orthodontic care, you can enjoy a more balanced bite and better oral health.

Enjoy Personalized Treatment

Board-certified orthodontists Richard D. Hulme and Sandra S. Nairooz focus exclusively on orthodontics. They have several options available, including traditional braces, clear braces, and Invisalign®, and can customize your treatment to your needs.

An Advanced Approach  At Hulme Orthodontics

Do you have moderate to severe dental misalignment? Are you noticing your child's teeth are starting to come in crooked? Orthodontic specialists Richard D. Hulme and Sandra S. Nairooz in San Antonio, TX, are uniquely qualified to help you. They provide both metal and clear ceramic dental braces designed for greater comfort and faster results. 

Dr. Hulme, Dr. Nairooz, and their team can recommend the best course of orthodontic treatment for you or your child. To schedule your free consultation, contact us online, or call:

(210) 479-2000

Hulme Orthodontics Staff

Real 5-Star Reviews "...our results have been beautiful."


Kista Stoddard Alwine


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Dr Hulme and his staff are the best! We researched several orthodontists offices and they are, by far, the most friendly and knowledgeable office. Couldn’t ask for a better option!

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Susie Barlow


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This is our third kiddo with Dr. Hulme and we are thrilled to start again. Not only is the staff amazing, but our results have been beautiful. We have always had awesome communication and fast responses to questions and... we just love Dr. Hulme!

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A Closer Look at Braces What Are Braces?


Braces rely on brackets and wires to apply force to the teeth, aligning them over time. The hardware is periodically adjusted to exert the right amount of pressure needed to straighten teeth and properly align the patient's bite.

See How Braces Work

Bands around the molars anchor the archwire. The archwire slowly guides teeth into place. Hooks can anchor rubber bands for more extensive alignment. Brackets are cemented to each tooth. Elastic o-rings hold the archwire in place. Coiled springs are sometimes used to push teeth apart.

Which Approach Is Right for You?

When deciding which method of orthodontics to prescribe to his patients in San Antonio, our doctors will consider several factors, including:

Tooth and Jaw Alignment

The condition of your smile will determine whether braces are the best fit for you. Braces can correct an array of tooth and jaw alignment problems that Invisalign cannot adequately address.


Younger patients respond well to traditional braces, while teens and adults may prefer Invisalign clear aligners. However, teens may lose their Invisalign trays, or senior patients may struggle with removing and replacing them throughout the day. Fixed brackets are typically recommended for patients who fall under these categories.


If you live an active lifestyle, play contact sports, or frequently speak in public, orthodontic treatment could be more complicated. Talk to Dr. Hulme about your concerns. We will be able to develop a more discreet treatment plan or discuss which kind of braces will be the safest for you. 

Achieve a Straight Smile With Braces

Concerned About Costs? We're Here to Help 

You may be wondering whether straightening your or your child's teeth with braces is worth the cost. This treatment can lay the foundation for a lifetime of improved dental health, function, and appearance, and there are several payment methods to make it wallet friendly.

Many dental insurance plans include orthodontic benefits, which can help to cover a portion of treatment with braces. Hulme Orthodontics accepts a variety of dental insurances. Our financial staff will file your claim on your behalf and work with your insurer to maximize your coverage.

If you are uninsured or have high out-of-pocket costs, we have financing options. You can enjoy interest-free financing through our in-house plan or secure a loan through CareCredit®, which offers monthly payment plans. We also offer a Medicaid discount to make the benefits of orthodontic treatment accessible for more patients.

Have questions? Give our San Antonio, TX, offices a call or contact us online

(210) 479-2000

"We were so impressed with Dr. Hulme and his staff!"


April Ashbaugh


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Dr. Holme, DDS, MS, is very kind and he explains the procedures so you can understand how it works. His staff are very friendly and they are very concerned about your well being especially nowadays with this Covid-19. I am really happy that My general dentist referred me to his office.
Thank you, April

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Amye Lapp Payne


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We were so impressed with Dr. Hulme and his staff! They were friendly, helpful, professional, knowledgeable, and patient with us. As "first timers" it was really important that we felt comfortable and understood what was happening and why. Dr. Hulme and his staff explained everything so clearly and so thoroughly. When it's time for our next step, we'ready and happy to go back to Hulme Orthodontics! (And, I must add, I think my son is also pretty excited about getting to play the video games too)!

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Care for Your Braces Complying With Treatment

Braces require some compliance in order to be successful. To get the most out of treatment, patients should:
man brushing his teeth

Brush and Floss

Patients must follow a strict daily brushing and flossing routine. You should brush your teeth and clean your braces after every meal because food and bacteria can easily become caught between brackets and wires. To properly clean your teeth, you will need an interdental brush.  

woman eating chips

Avoid Certain Foods

​To prevent damage to your braces, it is important to avoid sticky and hard foods such as:

  • Gum
  • Ice
  • Sweets (hard candies)
  • Certain bread products
  • Chips
  • Whole apples and carrots
girl at a dental checkup

Attend Regular Checkups

Visit one of our orthodontist's offices in San Antonio regularly for check-ups and adjustments for your braces. During your consultation, we will be able to give you an idea of how frequent checkups will be. If you notice a bracket is loose on your tooth, contact us immediately to repair any damages.

Braces FAQ

These are some of the most common questions that patients who are considering braces ask our San Antonio orthodontists:

I'm an adult. Is it too late for me to have braces?

To put it simply, not at all! We have adult patients who have greatly benefited from treatment with traditional braces. Braces are a powerful orthodontic tool that can give you a beautifully straight smile regardless of your age. As long as you follow your orthodontist's instructions and attend regular checkups, you can expect to see remarkable results from your treatment.

How long does treatment take?

Because patients come to us with different degrees of misalignment, treatment times can vary; however, it generally takes one to three years to achieve expected outcomes with braces. Your orthodontist can give you a better estimate of your treatment time during your consultation.

Can I straighten my teeth with aligners instead of braces?

While Invisalign aligners provide the most subtle form of orthodontic treatment, they are not suitable for everybody. These aligners are designed to treat milder cases of misalignment. If you're interested in orthodontic treatment with invisible aligners, but you have moderate to severe misalignment, your orthodontist will likely recommend ceramic braces as a subtle straightening option.

"Amazing staff and a perfect smile at the end."


Antonia Guevara


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Dr. Hulme and his staff are amazing. I would refer anyone needing orthodontist care to this office. The care they give is so good and very professional.

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Brady Mann


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Amazing staff and a perfect smile at the end. We are so happy with our experience. They waste no time once you're in the chair. The defenitly deserve this 5 star.

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headshot of Dr. Richard Hulme and Dr.. Sandra Nairooz

Hulme Orthodontics

Dr. Richard D. Hulme and Dr. Sandra Nairooz provide customized orthodontic treatments using the latest techniques and innovative technology. Dr. Hulme and Dr. Nairooz are board-certified by the American Board of Orthodontics and focus solely on orthodontic cases to provide the very best care. They are also members of various dental societies, including:

  • American Board of Orthodontics
  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • Southwestern Society of Orthodontists
  • Texas Association of Orthodontists

To start your treatment at Hulme Orthodontics, request your appointment or call us at (210) 479-2000.

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